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How UniversityWafer, Inc. Helps Researchers?

University Wafer provides researchers with a reliable and efficient solution for all their substrate needs. With an extensive inventory of high-quality wafers and substrates, they offer a wide range of materials and specifications to meet the diverse requirements of research applications. Whether you are working in the fields of semiconductor technology, optics, or nanotechnology, University Wafer has the expertise and resources to provide you with the best substrate solutions. Their team of experienced professionals is dedicated to delivering exceptional customer service, offering personalized assistance to ensure that you receive the products you need on time and within budget. With University Wafer, you can trust that you are getting the highest quality substrates for your research, making your work easier and more successful.

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Provide the best service to university researchers as well as companies in the semiconductor industry. High-Quality, low cost and small quantities make UniversityWafer stand out from the competition.

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Unexpectedly, i found UniversityWafer, Inc. in internet and asked for solutions on my problems requesting wafers. The response immediately came and was accompanied with a general quotation. Once my problems were resolved. I keep in touch as a partner of my research.

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I needed to request refractive index (RI) on one of the products they replied and they responded quickly and accurately with the information I was looking for.

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Always great to work with the folks at University Wafer! Now with their online shop it's even easier too. The company is friendly, prompt, and reliable. We've been purchasing from them for years and our labs appreciate them and their products. Thanks :)

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We were just starting to buy plain silicon for our research. University Wafer turned out to be great - customer service, response speed, ease of placing order.
UPDATE: It is a hard-to-please business IMHO, so ignoring baseless criticism becomes important.


We help researchers purchase silicon wafers and other semiconductor substrates and services. We have the highest-quality silicon wafers in stock and ready to ship. We also supply other semiconductor substrates and services including thermal oxide, nitride, thin films, dicing and more.

DOE Researcher Testimonial - SO39212

"I really do appreciate working with you all.  I order from a lot of places, and by far, you all are one of the best I order from!  Thank you!"

We answer the toughest questions for small volumes and large and are trusted across the world for our customer service. We strive to provided the lowest price and welcome price comparisons. We work hard to beat any price!

We provide in stock wafers priced to beat out other companies and with fast delivery. You can buy as few as one wafer. Quality guaranteed! Our substrates are in stock.

We also can quote your custom specs of any kind in small quantities and low price.

Student researchers have use our glass, sapphire, silicon, III-V and II-VI wafers to make devices including PN Junctions and Solar Cells and numerous other applications.

NEWS: Crystalline Silicon Wafer for Fabricating Photonic Structures

Researchers at Stanford University have used UniversityWafer, Inc. 100mm Silicon Item #783 to fabricate photonic structures that control solar absorption & thermal emissions potentially saving energy costs solar panels, electric vehicles, business and residential building.

Compare our prices and save! We ship internationally.

We have a large selection of hard to find wafer specs in partial cassettes, so you don't have to purchase 25! Please ask us for the list.

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200mm SIMOX SOI Wafers in Stock

New Sale on Simox SOI Wafers!

Device Layer (nm) Box Layer (nm) Handle Layer (um) TTV (um) Qty in Stock
55 145 725+/-15 <1 184
70 145 725+/-15 <1 253
70 2000 725+/-15 <1 1756
75 250 725+/-15 <1 18
80 1000 725+/-15 <1 374
88 200 725+/-15 <1 23
145 1000 725+/-15 <1 9166
160 400 725+/-15 <1 24
300 300 725+/-15 <1 43
400 150 725+/-15 <1 21
700 2000 725+/-15 <1 22
1250 145 725+/-15 <1 353
1250 400 725+/-15 <1 19
2100 400 725+/-15 <1 16
3500 400 725+/-15 <1 46
3000 300 725+/-15 <1 4414


SIMOX SOI Wafers to Fabricate Devices

We use SOI for our device work – usually as 10 mm x 10 mm or 15 mm x 15 mm chips - so youll appreciate that one-off 200 mm wafer should keep us well supplied for some time. To make our devices (single electron transistors) we have to have a highly n-doped device layer - a virtual conductor – but if required we can use a spin-on dopant to generate this ourselves. I dont think any of your material has the necessary doping level – but thats no problem Your SIMOX SOI Part 2551 might well furnish our need. I am unclear as to the formalities required to purchase from one wafer from you. Are you able to send a quote so that I can place an order and will that include custom clearance, packing and and postage.


Reference #225661 for pricing or buy online.

Ultra-Thin Silicon Wafers

We plan to do PVD coating on this wafer. Our coating system has a ultra-thin silicon wafers4” diameter mounting surface. The wafer must be mounted on this surface so it must not fracture when bent to a radius of 50.8 mm. We think a polished high quality crystal of 50 micron thickness should have a critical bending radius of about 37 mm. We have a reel-to-reel coating system that can do several square meters of coating per day. We think this system might be great for coating of Solar Panels and other high volume needs. I have attached a publication reporting bending studies on 50 um silicon.

Reference #265057 for pricing.

2 micron thin available

25.4mm Silicon Wafers

University researchers and industry scientists use 1 inch 25.4mm undoped silicon waferssilicon wafers for their projects because they are easy to work with and inexpensive equipment is readily available. Small diameter wafers are a low-cost alternative to larger diameter wafers which cost more and require more expensive equipment.


Typical researcher quote request.


"Please, send us quotation for ten zero-diffraction plates for powder XRD with following specs: Diameter 32 mm Thickness approx 2 mm Single Side Polished w/o cavity Example - Off orientation 9° of (001) or other Thank you in advance."


Reference #268940 for specs and pricing.


Undoped, Boron, Arsenic, Antimony Doped in Stock

50.8mm Silicon Wafers

(100) (111) (110) & Other Orientations


I'm wondering if you have silicon wafers that are polished 50.8mm silicon wafer orientationson both sides.

I need only one or two wafers, ~2 inch diameter, 0.5-1 mm thick. I use them as dichroic mirrors (transmit IR and reflect visible light). Most importantly they have to be polished on both sides.




Reference #249131 for specs and pricing.

76.2mm Silicon Wafers

UniversityWafer, Inc. is mentioned in over 20,000 academic research papers. Below is a typical interaction.


Hello! We are looking for a product that was referenced in 76.2mm silicon wafers p-type boron dopedsome publications : “Silicon wafers (3-inch diameter, Type-P, 1S polished; University Wafer, cat. no. S3P01SP” (referenced by doi:10.1038/nprot.2013.046) However I cannot find that product on your web site. Do you have any suggestions of which product might work for the same applications? I was thinking that # 978 would probably work (7.6 cm, single side polished, type p) but was not sure. Can you maybe confirm?

Single and Double Side Polished


Material, life sciences and nanomedicine researchers have used 76.2mm Silicon Wafer Item #1318 to measure the dimensions of nanoscale objects.


Please reference #260858 for specs and pricing.

100mm Silicon Wafer

Float Zone (Fz), Czochralski (Cz)


Research requests the following:

I am interested in ordering a batch of 4-inch diameter Si 100mm float zone grown silicon waferswafers. They need only be polished on one surface and of mechanical grade (test and prime also available) Si as they are to be used mostly as carrier wafers in semiconductor fab processes. I would be looking for at least 10 but we are interested in what kinds of bulk discounts you can offer for low-grade Si wafers as we may buy a lot. Many thanks in advance for your help!


Please reference # 214835 for pricing or buy online.

150mm Silicon Wafer

Highly Doped and Low Doping

We are looking for low doped silicon wafers for FTIR 150mm partial cassetted silicon wafersmeasurements. On your website, the following has been referenced for such application. 6” DSP wafers,Work well for IR are spec’d at: Type: P Dopant: Boron Resistivity: 10 – 20 Ohm cm Orientation: <100> Thickness: 625± 25um What would be the transmission of this wafer in 400-4000 cm-1 range?


Reference #270929 for specs and pricing or buy online.

Float Zone (FZ) Silicon Wafers

This is a typical interaction we have with our research clients:


Hi, I am after a range of wafers to study surface passivation and bulk properties after solar cell processing.

Anything already in stock is preferable as I am looking to source some wafers as quickly as possible, if you have anything suitable for the following:

  • ~15x FZ, 100, high resistivity (n-type >20ohm-cm), double sided polished, 200-500um, 2inch?
  • ~20x FZ, 100, 5-10 ohm-cm n-type, double sided polished, 150-400um, 4inch?
  • ~20x FZ, 100, 5-10 ohm-cm p-type, double sided polished, 150-400um, 4inch? (p-type equivalent of previous point – ideally as close as possible in specs)
  • ~10x FZ, 100, 1-10 ohm-cm n-type, surface not critical, 200-400um, 4inch?
  • ~40x FZ, 100, 0.5-5 ohm-cm p-type, surface not critical, 200-400um, 4inch?
  • ~20x FZ, 100, 0.5 ohm-cm, polished or other?, 300-500um, 4 inch? Ideally sisters and low carbon concentration I look forward to hearing the options!

Please reference #264215 for pricing. Or buy online here.

Researchers Trusted Silicon Wafer Manufacturer & Semiconductor Provider Since 1997

researchers from universities all over the world work with us for all their material needs

research engineer in semiconductor cleanroom
scientist researching silicon wafers

Current Wafer Special

We have the following specs available either online or we can email you the spec sheets.


100mm SOI wafers (2642 pcs currently available) - US$29.50/pc

125mm SOI wafers (196 pcs currently available) - US$30.50/pc

150mm SOI wafers (183 pcs currently available) - US$31.50/pc

300mm SOI wafers (200 pcs currently available) - US$90.00/pc


150mm Epi wafers (11 pcs currently available) - US$32.80/pc under the condition of purchasing these 11 pcs along with at least 100 pcs of other wafers

200mm Epi wafers (9822 pcs currently available) - US$44.70/pc

300mm Epi wafers (24 pcs currently available) - US$88.00/pc under the condition of purchasing these 24 pcs along with at least 100 pcs of other wafers


200mm Polished CZ wafers (9822 pcs currently available) - US$34.50/pc

300mm Polished CZ wafers (4423 pcs currently available) - US$59.00/pc

125mm FZ wafers (176 pcs currently available) - US$29.80/pc

Below are the excel spec sheets. Please email us which spec sheet you would like.

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UniversityWafer, Inc. and our partners fill the need of high-quality silicon wafer, semiconductor wafers, substrate from Al2O3 to ZnO, that are epi-ready. Buy as few as one wafer to large volume. Our store is Open 24 hours per day, 7 days per week!

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