Hydrophobic Silicon (Si) Wafers for Research & Production

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Hydrophobic Silicon Wafers

We provided low quantity to large quantity silicon wafers coated hydrophobic film.

Some clients use our teflon coated silicon is great for your spin application or for making PDMS microstructures.

Just like your cooking pans, teflon coated surfaces allows you to pull your microstructures off without hassle!

Recently our clients asks for the following specs

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Hydrophobic Silicon Wafers Repelling Liquid

Teflon Coated Silicon Substrates

High Surface Contact Angle

I am looking for wafers with the highest possible surface contact angle. I was hoping someone could point me in the right direction.

I am not too familiar with silicon wafers so the main specs I am looking for is a smooth surface and a high surface contact angle (~90deg).

What contact angle are you referring to? Are you looking for Silicon wafers with a polished and hydrophobic surface? Such wafers are not kept in stock because their surface oxidizes, changing from hydrophobic to hydrophilic, over time. We can prepare them freshly for you or give you instructions on how to restore the surface to hydrophobic condition. Do specify what you need and how many wafers you require.

high suface contact angle

Above is an image of what I was referring to for the contact angle.

Yes, I was looking for wafers with a polished and hydrophobic surface.

Could you quote me for 5 prepared wafers?