Silicon Wafers and Electronic End Markets

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University Silicon Wafer for Production

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What constitutes electronic end markets?


Well it just doesn't happen by magic! Below there is a process to it! They call it the Electronics Value Chain.

 Silicon Ingot and Silicon Wafers

  1. First Sand is used to grow Silicon Ingots
  2. Then the ingots are sliced into wafers of sizes ranging from 25.4mm up to 
    450mm!silicon nvidia chip
  3. Companies either make their own wafers from ingot or buy it from a wafer vendor. These companies include but are not limited to Intel and Nvidia. They turn the wafers into chips used in CPUs and graphic cards etc.
  4. Companies such as Samsung, Apple, Tesla use those chips in their electroncis such as cell phones, and autos.


 silicon apple-electronics-products.jpg

Also the Internet of Things is driving groth of Epitaxial Silicon and Silicon on Insulator (SOI) wafers.