Indium Phosphide Wafers

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Typical 50.8mm Diameter InP Wafer


2 inch Indium Phosphide WaferIndium Phosphide Wafer

Other Wafers Include


Single Crystal Indium Phosphide Wafers (InP)


Indium Phosphide wafers 2" and 3" available in Test and Prime grades. Custom orders always accepted. Small quantities is our specialty

Indium phophide Periodic Table

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InP Wafers ared use in telecommunications and microelectronics fields where high power small devices are required.


Below are some of InP wafer applications


  • Fiber optics network components
  • Dense wavelength division multiplexing (DWDM) lasers
  • Vertical-Cavity Surface-Emitting Laser  (VCSEL)
  • Pump Lasers
  • PIN and APD diodes
  • Amplifiers
  • For high speed electronics circuit using HBT
  • HEMT for fiber optics, wireless and space communication and automotive applications. 


Indium Phosphide night-vision goggles

"'wet chemistry' photodetectors are up to 10 times more sensitive  to infrared light than those made with conventional methods, where a  single crystal of indium phosphide (InP) serves as a platform for the  growth of subsequent crystals, one on top of another."