Germanium (Ge) Wafers for Research and Production

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Future of Germanium Substrates

Germanium (Ge) wafers was the first substrate used to make the first transistor. But Ge was expensive compared to Silicon which replaced Ge as the most used material in semiconductor devices. But researchers are working hard to replace silicon with germanium future chips, as it could enable industry to make integrated circuits more efficient, flexible and energy efficient.

LEDs based on gene and substrates for miniaturization of the chip, but many other implementations are being developed and investigated to explore the future potential of germanium Improved silicon ingot properties based on the present disclosure may include the resulting wafers, resulting solar cells and other applications utilizing the currently disclosed steps for germanium enrichment. Germanium's high-electrical conductivity and low production costs, could help the semiconductor industry to fabricate integrated circuits that have higher power density and lower power consumption than silicon. Ge has proven to be more efficient and cost-effective substrate for producing the next generation of chips and other semiconductor related applications.

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Czochralski (Cz) Germanium (Ge)

The following are just a few of the CZ Ge Wafers available:

Finish:Double side polished

Finish:Double side polished

Cz Ge
Finish:Double side polished

Typical Germanium wafer packaging

2 inch germanium substrates

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Germanium (Ge) Substrates

We have a large selection of Electrical and Optical Grade Germanium Single and double side polished wafers in stock and ready to ship.

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Germanium wafers for sale

Germanium Wafers for Long-Wave/Mid-Wave Infrared Experiments

Clients have used the following Germanium spec.

Ge Item #1927 - 100mm P/Ga 0.01-0.05 ohm-cm 175um SSP Orientation: <100> 6° towards <111> ± 0.5°

I’m looking at using germanium wafers as windows for long-wave/mid-wave infrared experiment that I’m setting up. Based on the scale of the experiment I’m trying to get as large a window as possible. The information I’ve seen to date indicates that germanium has good transmittance, but I’m wondering if you can tell me how dopants like gallium might impact that infrared transmittance window. Specifically, I’m looking the spec above  – do you happen to have a transmittance spectrum for this product?  

uncoated ge wafer transmission data

Germanium Impurity Element

A scientis asked for the following quote:

I am looking for the below I am looking for the below 6" Ge wafer, Intrinsic Ge crystal Orientation (1 0 0) Concentrations of impurities must be less than 1E12 at/cm3 (1E10 is better) Q'ty: 1pc

Could you to provide the impurity data for our checking as this is main key parameter for us?

UniversityWafer, Inc. Quoted:

6" Ge wafer, Intrinsic Ge crystal Orientation (1 0 0) Concentrations of impurities must be less than 1E12 at/cm3 (1E10 is better) SSP,Thickness >/=350um,Resis. > 30,Q'ty: 1pc   

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Below is a Ge Impurity Element Table

The impurity atom is called five times the impurity, because the five valence electrons in the outermost shell share a free electron with the neighboring atom. Each electron has one electron at each atom, so the total number of free electrons at an atom increases with distance to each other.

Element Concentration (ppm wt) Element Concentration (ppm wt)
Li <0.001 Ag <0.01
Be <0.001 Cd <0.1
B <0.001 In <0.1
F <0.1 Sn <0.005
Na <0.001 Sb <0.005
Mg <0.001 I <0.01
AI <0.005 Te <0.005
Si 0.18 Cs <0.005
P <0.005 Ba <0.005
S <0.005 La <0.001
CI -- Ce <0.005
K <0.02 Pr <0.001
Ca <0.005 Nd <0.005
Sc <0.001 Sm <0.005
Ti <0.001 Eu <0.005
V <0.001 Gd <0.005
Cr <0.001 Tb <0.001
Mn <0.05 Dy <0.005
Fe <0.05 Ho <0.001
Ni <0.001 Er <0.005
Co <0.001 Tm <0.001
Cu <0.001 Yb <0.005
Zn <0.001 Lu <0.001
Ga <0.02 Hf <0.005
Ge Matrix Ta Source
As <0.2 W <0.005
Br <0.005 Re <0.005
Se <0.2 Os <0.005
Rb <0.005 Ir <0.005
Sr <0.005 Pt <0.005
Y <0.005 Au <0.05
Zr <0.02 Hg <0.005
Nb <0.005 TI <0.005
Mo <0.01 Pb <0.005
Ru <0.005 Bi <0.005
Rh <0.005 Th <0.001
Pd <0.005 U <0.001