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Aluminum Wafers

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Do you guys Make aluminum substrates?

We would like to coat Boron-10 on 0.25 mm thick and 4” diameter or bigger? Aluminum substrate.

We provided:

Diameter 4 inch
Thickness 0.3mm SSP

Do you offer any aluminum-coated 4-inch silicon wafers?

We’re looking for 10 nm Ti + 100 nm Al, or something comparable. We just need the top layer to be Al. Initially we’d like a quantity of about 20.

We quoted:

100mm P/B (100) 500um Al/Ti SSP 8-12 ohm-cm SEMI Prime, 2Flats, PF@<100>±1°, SF 45° CW from PF, with 10nm barrier layer of Ti & 100nm±5% layer of Al on polished side only, in Empak cst

Above we offer Silicon wafers with 100nm layer of pure Aluminium over the polished side.

We can also offer a layer of 99.5%Al 0.5%Cu or 98%Al 2.0%Cu in place of 100%Al, at the same price.

In the past you have been able to supply us with aluminized silicon wafers

Im hoping you can do that for us again. Here are the specs:

Diameter: 25.4mm diameter, +0, -150 microns
Aluminum on ONE polished surface, thickness >=50 nm.

No flat is GREATLY preferred
Orientation: <100>
Dopant: undoped, but no real requirement
Preferably DSP
Thickness: <300 microns, 280 micron preferred.
Resistivity: <10,000 ohm-cm

Well order at least 25 units.

I am looking for aluminum wafers, 3" and 4" , DSP, 0.5 mm and thicker, 5 pcs of each. Can you help?


We sold

3" SSP 0.5 mm and thicker

4" SSP 0.5 mm and thicker


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We have a large selection of Al wafers for all your needs.

A researcher need our Al.

We need 30 high purity aluminum disks with single side polished for a project. My colleague recommended me to check with . The dimensions needed are: 25.4-mm in diameter and 1.75-mm in thickness. Could you please make this for us? If yes, could you please let me know the estimated cost? And turnaround time?

The disks will be used for electroplating, so we will need flatness tolerance of the polished side to be better than 0.005 mm. And we need 0.05 mm tolerance for the diameter and 0.02 mm tolerance for the thickness 99.99% pure.

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