Silicon Wafer Orientations (100) (111) (110)

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What Silicon Orientation Should I Use for Laser Micromachining?

Clients often ask us which wafer orientation spec would work for their research.

A research client purchased one wafer of each orientation to see which orientation would work best for laser surface engineering for laser micromachining research.

Silicon Wafer Items Used:

Si Item #783 (100)

Si Item #2358 (110)

Si Item #3351 (111)

Researching laser micro-material processing using ultra-short laser pulses, from process development, to process management, to control systems and more.



What is Silicon Wafetr Orienation?

UniversityWafer, Inc. sells all orientations including (100), (111), (110), (211), (511) etc. Please let us know your wafer specification and quantity for an immediate quote.

What silicon orientation do I need?

Orientation needs depends on what your using the silicon wafers for. If your cleaving wafers then a (111) orientation will be more difficult to work with while (100) will cleave just fine.

If you lack the proper spec sheet then a use this simple test to find your silicon wafer's orientation.

scribing silicon wafers to test the orientation

Take a nail and press against the center of your silicon wafer. Then take a hammer and hit the head of the nail. If the wafer breaks into 4 pieces then the orientation is (100). If the wafer shatters into many different sized pieces then the orientation is (111).

Miller indices classify silicon wafer orientation and include (100), (111), (110), (211), (511).

miller indices

(100) (010) and (001) are exactly the same and all can be called (100) orientation!

Silicon wafer flats are used to determine the silicon wafer's orientation as in the image below.

Orientations Silicon Wafers

Notice that the silicon wafers in the image above have their edges cut out at different areas. These cut-out edges are called flats. The location of the flats is how you determin the crystal orientation of the silicon wafer.