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Undoped Silicon for Positron Annihilation Lifetime Spectroscopy Experiment

Researchers often used our low price diced undoped wafers. The specs below were used for their experiment.

10mm x 10mm x 0.525 micron SSP, <100> Undoped, >10,000 ohm-cm

Please let us know if you can use or if you would like us to quote another specs. Price depends on quantity.

Undoped Silicon for Testing Under Heat and Pressured in Contact with a Polymer Sheet

The following specs were used in our clients test. Undoped Si (100), >1,000 ohm-cm. Thickness of 300 micron. The overall dimensions 66 mm x 58 mm x 0.3 mm.

Please ask for a quote.

What Does Undoped Mean?

A novice student researcher asks:

Dear Sir or Madam, we are using silicon wafers from your company (Item# 2272 Silicon, 100mm, Undoped, <100>, >20,000 ohm-cm, 500um, DSP, Prime) and I have a technical question concerning the Si: What means “undoped” together with the high resistivity: Is it a pure “intrinsic” silicon wafer or are embedded “deep-level traps/deep-level defects” responsible for the high resistivity? In the latter case, could you estimate their density? 

A) The wafers are intrinsic silicon wafers. Please let us know if we have answered all of your questions?

How UniversityWafer helps Answer Researcher Undoped Silicon Wafers Questions

Client asks: We are looking for service to check quality of our Float Zone (FZ) silicon

We can prepare samples in rod form, for example diam. x  length :12x (20-40)mm.
We have plan check 30 samples at low temperature (B ; Ph; Sb; Al; As may be you have more possibilities?)And ~30-40 samples of poly and mono silicon at room temperature (O2 & C)We have plan delivery not less 3 pieces for each type of measurements in one delivery give me quotation for such service please.


We can certainly measure Carbon and Oxygen content of your FZ Silicon rod samples. We normally ise a wafer 3mm thick, but we can slice it from your rods. We can do that for polycrystalline and monocrystalline silicon.

We can measure crystallographic orientation and Etch-Pit-Density of your material.
We can also measure type and resistivity of your material, up into 20,000 Ohmcm range. These are significant quality measurements

I do not understand what you mean by "We have plan check 30 samples at low temperature (B ; Ph; Sb; Al; As may be you have more possibilities?)".
Is your FZ Silicon ultra high purity (hence ultra high resistivity) and you want chemical analysis of residual impurities (B, Ph, Sb, As, Al) or do you chemically dope your FZ silicon with these elements and you want to measure the concentration of these elements and resultant resistivity?

To test the quality of your FZ silicon you also should measure Minority Charge Carrier Lifetime and Dominant Charge Carrier Mobility.

Client Replies

Currently now, I interesting in control of Carbon & Oxygen content in samples, which you make from our small rods.
Give me commercial offer for such measurements, please
About concentration of some impurities in FZ siliconAt the low temperature , like temperature clouse to lequid He, possible to check concentration of impurities which I indicated at ppta level. When I ask you about other possibilities, I mean, may be you have methods how check in same conditions (He Temperature) another impurities. We are working with different feedstocks and we looking for such possibilities worldwide.

Plant Response:

I think that now I understand this situation.

FTIR is the best measurement for determining minute quantities Carbon and Oxygen in Silicon.
FTIR measurement at room temperature is adequate to monitor Oxygen in CZ crystallized Silicon.
However, to achieve the sensitivity required to meaningfully measure Oxygen and Carbon in FZ crystallized Silicon, where they are present in much smaller quantities, one needs to do the FTIR measurement at the temperature of liquid Helium.

We have the equipment to do FTIR at liquid Helium temperature, but we have not used it under cryogenic conditions for some time and we would have to purchase a supply of liquid Helium. Also, it is uneconomical to measure one sample at a time. We need to measure a series of samples, while the liquid Helium lasts, for once it boils away, we need to purchase a new bottle.

Given above limitations, if you do want to pursue the matter, we would be happy to cooperate.

Wafer Specs Provided to Client

Item       Qty.   Description
GL22. 1/5/25   Measure by FTIR according to SEMI standards, Carbon and Oxygen content
of FZ Intrinsic undoped Silicon ingots, 12mmØ × (20-40)mm, NO Flats.

Note: The quote is for analysis of 1 or 5 or 25 staples sent together as one package.

Here is another researcher and what he uses undoped silicon wafers for:

"We use the wafer as a beam combiner to get a visible and infrared beam colinear in a nonlinear optical setup. For this, cleaving right angles is very helpful. Polished on both sides is essential as is undoped."

Undoped Silicon Wafer Item Used for bam combinder

Undoped Si Item #3193
100mm Undoped (100) >10,000 ohm-cm 525um DSP Prime

Typical Researcher Request:

"We need Undoped Silicon Wafers with Oxide layer should have a layer of 1 micron. In addition we are going to use them mainly for optical measurements, hence the impurity levels should not be too high."

 Client with our help chose the following wafers:

Undoped Si wiht Oxide
Item 3225 - 150mm Undoped (100) 650um SSP Test 1um Oxide Silicon Wafer

Item Dia Dopant Ori Res (Ohm-cm) Thick (um) Polish Grade Lead Time Description
2313 25.4mm Undoped <111> >2000 280um SSP Test 3 WEEKS Intrinsic FZ
2483 25.4mm Undoped <100> >5000 73.5um DSP Prime 3 WEEKS FZ, Float Zone
2018 50.8mm Undoped <100> >10000 280um DSP Prime In Stock FZ, Intrinsic item
2379 50.8mm Undoped <100> >10000 500um SSP Test In Stock Float Zone, Undoped
3133 76.2mm Undoped <100> >5000 Ohm-cm 350um DSP MECH In Stock NON-REFUNDABLE, POOR QUALITY. Sold "As-Is"; wafers are covered in streaks, residue, and particles.
3070 100mm Undoped <100> >20,000 500um SSP Prime In Stock Intrinsic, Secondary flat SEMI, TTV<10 um, Bow/Warp<30 um
3150 100mm Undoped <100> >10,000 525um SSP Bad Quality In Stock HAS PARTICLES!!! NON-REFUNDABLE, POOR QUALITY. Sold "As-Is". FZ (Float Zone)
3193 100mm Undoped <100> >10000 525um DSP Prime In Stock TTV: <5um, Bow/Warp: <30um, Flat: 1.