200mm Silicon Wafers for Research & Production

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200mm (8 Inch) Silicon Wafers Buy Online Here

We have a large selection of 200mm Si wafers in stock and ready to ship. Please fill out the form if you need other specs and quantity.

Below are just some of our recent 200mm silicon wafer sale specials.

8" silicon wafer
Dia.: 200+/-0.5mm
Type: P
Ori.: <100>
Res.: 1000-3000 ohm.cm
Thk.: 705-745um
Surface: Polished/Etched
Package: 25pcs/cassette in sealed foil bag

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200mm Silicon Wafer Cassette

Typical 8 inch wafer carrier/package.

8 inch doped silicon wafers

200mm Silicon from Okemetic and Shinetsu.

Item #5176 - 200mm N/Ph (100) 0.7-5 ohm-cm 508um DSP TTV <10um
Price dopends on quantity. Please let me know how many you would need?

We also have:

Item Batch #238827

200mm Silicon Wafer
Particle: >0.2um@<30ea
25pcs: $38.90 each
50pcs: $33.90 each
Lead-time: Immediate Shipment ARO

Si Wafer, Test grade
200mm, 650-700um thick, SSP
Quantity: 50 pieces
FOB Price: $19.90 each
Delivery Time: 1 Week

200mm Thin Silicon Wafers

We now have ultra-thin 8 inch silicon wafers in available in small quantities. Below is our most recent order.

200mm SSP - DSP available upon request.


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Silicon Wafers Good for Polymer Spin Coat

The following wafers work great for polymer spin coating.

Si Item #383 - Mechanical Grade 200mm Silicon Wafer 750 micron Single Side Polished