Thin Silicon Wafers for Research & Production

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Thin Silicon Wafers

Whey spend more on thin silicon wafers when we sell them for a deep discount to our competitors.

Thicknesses <10um available from diameters <25.4mm - 300mm.

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thin silicon for research and production

Thin Silicon for FTIR

A researcher contacted us for a quote for thin silicon that his lab could used for Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy (FTIR) of thin films on Si wafer in transmission mode. The researched needed double side polished wafers.

The following wafers worked.

Si Wafer
4", 250um, DSP, P<100>, 10-40 ohm-cm
FOB Price: Depends on Quantity

Please let us know if the above spec would work for you or if you need another item.

Thin Silicon to Fabricate a Microfluidic Device

A research scientist from a large hardware tech company requested the following.

I'd like to order thin silicon wafers as follows: Silicon thickness: 100 um to 150 um silicon dioxide layer: 0.1um on both sides polich: DSP diameter: min 25 mm dopent: none is preferred ( though any dopant is acceptable for this application) grade: prime quantity: MOQ Please send me a quotation with lead time. 

We want to laser cut the wafer to create a substrate for a microfluidic device. Then we plasma bond it to a pdms sheet. DSP and oxide layers are essential for plasma bonding. We don't perform any lithography processes on the wafer.

UniversityWafer, Inc. provided the following spec:

100mm P/B <0.01 Ohm-cm 100+/-10um DSP