Indium Arsenide (InAs) Wafers for Research and Production

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Indium Arsenide Wafers

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What is an Indium Arsenide (InAs) Hall Sensor?

A Hall effect sensor can measure the distance from one point to another. A real world application can be found in 3D Printing for DIY enthusiasts. One of the biggest problems with 3D Printing is levelling the bed before printing. To simplify the task, a Hall Sensor can be attached to the extruder. The sensor measures the distance from the extruder to the bed without the user having the constantly adjust the printer's bed after each print.

Indium Arsenide wafers are used in mid-infrared Light Emmitting Diods (LEDs) and detectors, see above, and InAs large Hall Coefficient makes a great magnetic field sensor.


Item Material Orient. Diam
5272 undoped InAs:- [100] 2" 350 SSP
H135 p-type InAs:Zn [100] 2" 500 SSP
130 undoped InAs:- [100] 3" 500 SSP
168B undoped InAs:- [100] 2" 350 SSP
66 undoped InAs:- [100] 2" 350 SSP

Indium Arsenide Wafers All diameters LEC/VGF Undoped and Zinc Doped


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InAs narrow band gap and high electron mobility are used in

  • high performance transistors
  • optical application
  • chemical sensing
  • Laser Diode inas laser diode
  • inas lasers
  • InAs grown Nanowires nanowires grown on indium arsenide substrate Nanowires

Exciting research is curently being conducted on InAs Wafers for biological applications through passivation.