JGS2 Fused Silica Wafers Optical Grade

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JGS2 Fused Silica Wafers Applications

JGS2 Fused silica wafers optical and mechanical properties, as well as its high chemical durability make it advantageous to use
in advanced optical systems.  Our JGS2 fused silica scratch/dig and tolerances are made to order for precision research and production of aspherical lenses and window mirrors made of fused silica in high-power laser projects.

JGS2 Fused Silica works great in Carbon based Micro Mlectromechanical Systems (C-MEMS).   JGS2 Wafers have allowed researchers to fabricate strong, inexpensive and biocompatible micro devices for specific applications.

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JGS2 Fused Silica Transmission Curve

optical grade jgs2 fused silica wafers

What Does JGS2 Optical Grade Fused Silica Mean?

When you need a substrate that can handle very high temperatures and work as an insulator in semiconductors, then JGS2 Grade Fused Silica Wafers is the right choice.

JGS2 Fused Silica is fabricated by refining gas with a raw crystal. JGS2 contains many metal impurities. JGS2's absorption peaks (hydroxyl content 100-200ppm) at 2730nm. JGS2 works great the wave band range of 220-2500 nm.

Parameter Value JGS2
Max Size <300mm
Tramission Range (medium transmission ratio) 0.26~2.10um (Tavg>85%)
OH-Content 150ppm
Fluorescence (ex 254nm) Strong v-b
Impurity Content 20-40 ppm
Birefringent constant 4-6 nm/cm
Melting Method Oxy-hydrogen melting

Where Can You Buy JGS2 Fused Silica?

A large selection of fused silica windows JGS2 Optical Grade can be found here.

What Grades of Fused Quartz are Available?

Other fused silica wafer grades and their applications include:

  • JGS3 - Lasers, substrates: window, lens, prism, mirror
  • JGS2- Semiconductor and temp windows