Gallium Nitride on Sapphire Wafers

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  1. GaN epitaxial wafers consist of GaN layer on 6H-SiC substrate.   50 mm diam  on axis, n-type, GaN thickness ~0.5 um 
  2. GaN layer on sapphire, 50mm diameter on-axis, n-type, GaN thickness 0.5-10 um.  
  3. GaN/AIN/SiC epitaxial wafer consisting of GaN layer on AIN layer on 6H silicon carbide. 50mm in diameter on-axis, n-type. GaN thickness  ~(0.5-0.8) um.  AIN thickness ~0.1um.
  4. GaN/AIN/AI2O3 epitaxial wafer consists of GaN layer on AIN layer on sapphire.  50mm in diameter, on-axis, n-type, GaN thickness  ~(0.5-0.8) um, AIN thickness ~0.1 um.

gallium nitride on sapphire wafers

Gallium Nitride on Sapphire Wafers

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