Custom Silicon Wafers for Research & Development

university wafer substrates

Custom Silicon Wafers - Research discounts available!

UniversityWafer, Inc. distributes quality silicon wafers of all grades for semiconductor research and production.   Diameters range from less than 1 inch to 12 inch.   Our custom wafer service means we never say no when approached with a novel wafer specification. UniversityWafer can fabricate almost any silicon substrate to meet your specific research and or production needs. Small quantity orders are our speciality!

We also have super-thin silicon wafers that have TTV of <1 micron and you can purchase, in many instances, as few as one wafer.  Diameter and dimensions vary.

We can make custom silicon from thinning or reclaiming substrates that you already have to making silicon cubes.

We can laser cut or dice wafers into diameters and dimensions that you need.

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Below is just some of the custom silicon wafer services that we provide