Custom Silicon Wafers

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University Silicon Wafer for Production

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Custom Silicon Wafers - Research discounts available!

We can make custom silicon from thinning or reclaiming substrates that you already have to making silicon cubes.

We can laser cut or dice wafers into diameters and dimensions that you need.

Below is just some of the custom silicon wafer services that we provide

  • Low TTV (<1μm)
  • Low Bow/Warp (<5μm for 150mm)
  • Extra-Thin (100μm and thinner)
  • Extra-Thick (1 to 12mm)
  • Crystallographic orientations including (110), (112), (211), (510) and any offset to major directions (100) and (111)

  • Slicing
  • Lapping
  • Single-Side Polishing (SSP)
  • Double-Side Polishing (DSP)
  • Oxidation
  • Nitride
  • Thin Films
  • Silicon on Insulator
  • Ingots
  • Epitaxial silicon substrates
  • Small quantity orders are not a problem.