300mm Silicon Wafers

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300mm Silicon Substrates

300mm mechanical grade silicon wafers

We have the following 300mm Silicon Wafer Special.

Diameter: 300+/-0.2mm
Growth Method: CZ
Type/Dopant: P/Boron
Orientation: <100>+/-1°
Notch Orientation: <110>+/-1°
Resistivity: 1-100ohm/cm
Thickness: >700um
TTV: <=10um
BOW/WARP: <=40um
Surface: DSP
LPD: <=50ea@>=0.2um
Quantity Available: 12,000pcs
25-500 wafers: $59.90 each
<2,000pcs: $51.90 each
More than 2,000pcs: $46.90 each

Lead-time: Immediate Shipment ARO
COA available with each shipment


300mm Silicon Wafers

We have a large selection of 12 inch silicon wafers. We have all the grades including:

  • Prime grade 300mm silicon wafers
  • Test grade 300mm silicon wafers
  • Mechanical 300mm silicon wafers
  • Reclaimed 300mm silicon wafers

We can deposit the following onto our 300mm silicon wafers including:

  • Thermal oxide, wet and dry on 300mm silicon wafers
  • Nitride on 300mm silicon wafers
  • Metals on 300mm silicon wafers

We can sell as few as one 300mm silicon wafer. Please fill out the form and let us know what specs and quantity we can quote for you.

Compared to other silicon wafer suppliers, UniversityWafer, Inc's silicon wafer prices are arguably the best found online.
300mm silicon wafers have a higher yield per wafer than pervious large diameter silicon wafers. Thus increasing the amount of wafer chips that can be produced on one wafer die. The next diameter on the market are 450mm.

Our 300mm silicon wafers properties include n-type and p-type and undoped. Our 300mm silicon wafer orientation include (100) and (111).

UniversityWafer, Inc's silicon wafer manufacturing process can 300mm silicon wafers to very thin thicknesses both single and double side polished for all your wafer electronics research.

Please send us the specs and quantity you would like us to quote.