Silicon Wafer Processing

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University Silicon Wafer for Production

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Silicon Wafer Specials

 MEMC (Sun Edison) Wafers

150mm P(100) 10-20 ohm-cm 650um SSP Prime Grade $19.90 each for 25 $16.90 each for 25

 200mm P(100) 1-20 ohm-cm 750um SSP Prime Grade $19.90 each for 25 $17.90 each for 25

 We have 5um thin wafers available. Let us know what specs you want us to quote.

100mm P(100) 10-20 ohm-cm 500um SSP Prime Grade $17.90 each for 25 $15.90 each for 100


Silicon Wafer Processing

We can also grow oxide, deposit nitride LPCVD and PECVD, Thin-Films and more. Just provide your specs and quantity for an immediate quote. Float Zone/Intrinsic/Undoped in Stock!

Silicon Wafer ProcessingFill out the form to see which our our float zone Silicon Wafers are used in the Prius Car!

Silicon wafers used to power vehicles as the solar condor
Thick Silicon wafers used as substrates for depositing various films on them, like polymer membranes.
Intrinsic Silicon wafers that let circuits built on it act very fast. This is also why one uses SOI wafers.
Low resisivity Silicon wafers used by laboratories that use Epi growth reactors.
Standard substrates used forNPN Silicon Transistor npn transistor circuitsnpn transistor and optical applications.
Inexpensive Silicon wafers used to make ultra-pure and ultra-clean carrier that do not react with the organic sample to be analyzed.

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