SIMOX Silicon on Insulator (SOI) Wafers Thin Device Layer

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Why use SIMOX Silicon-on-Insulator (SOI) Substrates?

SOI wafers that implants the buried, or oxide layer is referred to as Separation by Implantation Of Oxygen (SIMOX).today an Unlike bonded SOI which requires are usually have a silicon device layer of 1 micron minimum, SIMOX SOI implants the oxygen directly into a silicon wafer. This allows silicon device layers that are only a few nanometers thick.

Thin device layers of 220nm, for example improve the performance of sensors and silicon actuators. Thus high temperature SOI sensors (up to 300 °C) with low noise and high dynamic range provide an affordable priced substrate that can help researchers with device minturization, and smart sensors using conventional semiconductor tools.

Piezoresistive pressure sensors benefit from Simox SOI. These products in the following areas:

  • Biomedical applications
  • Automotive industry
  • Household appliances
  • Military Technology

For piezoresistive detection, the silicon top layer (0.2 μm thick) is used as an active material with the excellent properties of the single-crystalline silicon.

The following Separation by Implantation Of Oxygen (SIMOX) SOI spec is often used:

Simox SOI Item #3381 - 150mm P/B <100> 10-20 ohm-cm 675um SSP Prime - Buy as few as one wafer

Diced pieces of the wafer above are also available for a deep discount.



SIMOX Silicon-on-Insulator-Inventory

Below are just some fo the thin device layer SOI that we sell online.

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Item Dia Typ/Dop Ori Res ohm-cm Handle Device nm Oxide μm (or nm)
2327 25mm sq P/B (100) 14-22 625 500 3
2377 150mm P/B (100) 14-22 675 100 200nm
2415 150mm P/B (100) 13.5-22.5 625 500 3
2265 200mm P/B (100) 9-16 725 145 135
2266 200mm P/B (100) 9-16 725 190 150
2551 200mm P/B (100) 1-20 725 70 2,000nm
2268 300mm P/B (100) 9-16 775 50 145